Estates, Guardianship & Conservatorship

Court Procedure

Beginning September 1, 2020, and until further notice, the Liberty County Probate Court will be scheduling all non-emergency probate and guardianship hearings and/or oaths. If a party or attorney needs a special setting in a particular matter, a request should be submitted to the Court for consideration.

All hearings and/or oaths shall be in-person proceedings, unless otherwise determined by the Court, and shall be conducted in compliance with current public health guidelines and the provisions provided for in the Court's COVID-19 Operating Guidelines which can be viewed on this webpage or on the Georgia Administrative Office of Courts website


Please visit for the current probate forms.

Standard Georgia Probate Court forms are available on the Georgia Supreme Court Forms page.   

Additional Liberty County Probate forms include:

Guardianship & Conservatorship Videos & Handbook

Important Notice

The Probate Court Judge, Clerk, and staff are committed to providing you with excellent customer service. We will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns that you may have about Probate Court services or procedures. Please be advised, however, that state law prohibits our staff from rendering legal advice, restating the law, or recommending specific ways to pursue legal action. Nothing on this website is intended to advise anyone regarding legal remedies for a particular circumstance.

Many matters of law are quite complex and may require special knowledge of legal principles and procedures. If you have a problem involving the interpretation of the law, we suggest you contact an attorney licensed in the State of Georgia.

Self-represented petitioners/litigants are encouraged to view the videos (available in both English and Spanish) provided by the Council of Probate Court Judges of Georgia for guidance on various Georgia probate matters.