Animal Health

Pets are susceptible to many diseases, no matter where you live. Many diseases and conditions are preventable. The keys to disease prevention are regular veterinarian visits and keeping your pets' vaccinations up-to-date. Many diseases that used to plague pets and their owners, such as distemper and rabies, are now largely controlled by vaccines. Vaccines work only if they are given when necessary and updated as required. Diseases and conditions that cannot be vaccinated against can often be controlled by maintaining a clean living space, minimizing your pet's exposure to disease-causing organisms, and providing a healthy diet for your pet.

Helpful Resources

Pet Insurance Companies

These are just a few of the pet insurance companies, if you would like to check out more than these, do a Pet Insurance search online!


Speak with a vet online at Vet Triage or search for speak with a vet or vet tech online!

Animal Behaviorists

Deceased Pets

Visit this virtual home and grief support community for your departed fur baby.


  • Ahimsa Dog Training
  • Great Pets is an animal and human training facility, not sure of its location, but I'm sure if you contacted them they could put you in contact with someone local.

Animal First Aid & CPR Courses

Most Common Rabies Carriers: Healthfully

Always Report All Animal Bites

Liberty County Environmental Health is the Rabies Control Officer so they must be contacted in the event of an animal bite!
Phone: 912-368-5520

Environmental Health is the agency that takes bite reports and quarantines animals that have bitten a humane or another animal!

When someone is bitten call 911 so that proper authorities are notified!