Information Technology

Information Technology Logo

Information Technology’s function is to enable access to information and services and support all of Liberty County's departments and agencies and contribute to an efficient and productive county government.

An objective of the Information Technology department is to configure a stable and secure computing environment for the County, which will accommodate future needs and growth while minimizing acquisition, development, and operating costs. 

Responsibilities and Services

  • Providing Liberty County Government with modern technological needs, including:
    • Computers, laptops, tablets and network servers
    • Desktop and Network operating systems
    • Business productivity software
    • Peripherals
    • Public Safety Radio System (SEGARRN)
    • Cellular Telephones
    • VOIP Telephone System
    • Network and Internet Security
    • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
    • Video Broadcast and Production
  • To install, maintain, support, and provide training for all current and future technologies, and devices
  • To participate in and facilitate any appropriate communications network or technology linking governmental agencies together and providing access to Liberty County information and data to those agencies
  • To oversee and administer the functionality and security of all computers and devices connected to the County Wide Area Governmental Network
  • To oversee and maintain an accurate inventory of all technology based assets owned and operated by Liberty County
  • To research and develop software and systems to facilitate public access to Liberty County information and data to help better serve the citizens of Liberty County