Road Department

The Road Department's goal is to maintain the county roads for the citizens of Liberty County. The department clears and removes debris or overgrowth from the drainage ditches of roads in the county. Maintaining these roads includes the grading of dirt roads that become damaged by weather or time, installing drainage pipes for main roads as well as and resident's driveways and the installation or replacement of street signs.

Future Vision

Our vision is to continue to serve the county by improving the travel ways of Liberty County for the citizens and developing new or improved ways to provide safer streets.

Our Department

Clenton Wells, Director of Public Works: Leading the divisions of the public works of Roads, Drainage, Solid Waste, Keep Liberty Beautiful, Recycling, and Litter Control to benefit the citizens of Liberty County.

Charles Beasley and Albert Anderson Operations Managers of Roads and Drainage: Manage and organize the staff of the road and drainage departments to be efficient in repairs, monitoring, and maintaining the streets.

Yvonne Jones, Administrative Assistant to the Director: Maintaining the operations of the office of roads and drainage and assisting the director with daily operations.

Report any damaged sections of road or problems on your county road by contacting the main office by calling 912-884-3310.